Exceeding Expectations Vs Exceeding Requirement

"A talent do what it can, a genius do what it must". - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

One boss of mine often used to tell me, “I ask you for version 1.0, you make version Mercedes Benz. Don’t Do That!” I often felt nice hearing this until I realized that he was just being polite in telling me what a blunder I had been doing. My definition of exceeding expectations was flawed. I would have exceeded expectations if I would have given what was asked of me in a much shorter time. But instead what I was doing was exceeding requirement which is only one step behind not meeting them. It’s a waste of time and resources and reflects badly on your intellectual abilities too.

Hipsters in 2014

In 2003 you downloaded Trojans and backdoor rats. Infected files and hosted them on Geocities. Or re-purposed a phishing page. You downloaded booter programs and took over Yahoo Chat rooms or just boot someone at your will. You call yourself a hacker.

In 2008 you started buying domains for $8.5 and hosted on blogspot.com and became CEO & Founder of YourName.com Company LLC.

In 2012 you got your first mobile phone with 5MP camera with Macro mode and tiltshift filters. You figured out that website that let you add color filters and watermarks to images and you qualified to make the official page Your Name Photography on Facebook.

In 2014. An established businessman and CEO got 10,000 business cards printed. He went to a seminar and distributed the business cards and shook hands with everyone who wanted to meet them. 30 other CEOs did the same who visited that seminar that day. You were there too. You got the business cards and shook their hands. That made you really special.

You started a preachy blog giving business advices and life lessons to people. Most of these advices came from the books you read and self help videos you saw. You got two internships in your resume and confidence that you’re next Steve Jobs. You got your business cards printed with big bold Social Media Evangelist written all over it.

You became the “Expert” without making a fortune, neither for yourself nor for the company you’re associated with. You are not happy with what you make or do and are not able to change it for yourself but you talk about top level business decisions on your blog.

And sadly for you, you are not unique. There are are too many in the world just like you.


When I was 15 years old, I felt I knew a lot about computers and internet. Maybe more than most people on earth.

A year after that, I realized that I knew nothing an year ago. But now I do. At age 16, I knew way too much.

At age 17, I realized I must really be a fool to think that way an year ago. After all I didn’t know anything back then what I learnt this year.

When I was 18, I finally saw the pattern.

Messing With A Scary Creature

Ever messed with a dog? A dog a bit taller than your knee. A stray dog who doesn’t know you. It is smaller than you, weighs 10 kg max? Would you mess with it? It is not trained to fight. Can you imagine what would it do to you if you kick it? Or maybe even appear to harm it in anyway? Would you be game to take that chance? Imagine if the dog is much bigger, say around 30 kg. Would you mess with it if someone one paid you good money and the dog was loose?

Now imagine an animal almost as tall as you, maybe 4-5 inches shorter. Almost as heavy as you, maybe 10-20 kg lighter. Almost as powerful as you, maybe slightly weaker. An animal which can do everything that you can. Would you being stronger sound strong enough? The creature being weaker sound weak enough? Would you want to get into a squabble with this creature?

Why Facebook Sucks & Google+ Will Prevail

Facebook is a great software to share stuff online, You can share links, videos, photos and status messages. But if someday, you want to find that video that you had shared in 2009, there is no straight way of doing that. You can like a bundle of pages, but it is too sluggish if you want to browse them again.

Off late, Facebook has become an advertising platform. It has so many tools and features for Advertisers, various ways to get insights into their campaigns. Not so much for the users. And then, slow rollouts of new features.

Few years ago, before Facebook became popular, there was a concept called Lifestream. It was never fully realized by any organization but one could set it up neatly and it was fairly useful. It would show the activity of the user, online and offline on a timeline. It was very insightful for others to look at, and was a nice automated way of organizing your activities and life. It was like a daily journal that writes itself. It is beyond my understanding why Facebook has still not been able to get it right.

On other hand, there is Google+. It may not be perfect, but I find it better than Facebook. Google seem to be actively listening to whatever little userbase they have and making changes to their platform. But that’s not why I feel that Google+ may prevail or even leave Facebook behind in the long run.

Facebook was started as social networking website for educational institutions, schools and colleges. It was a phenomenon for the young that spread quickly. With the time, there will be more and more older active users on Facebook, making it not so happening place for the youngsters.

Another thing that is said to be working for Facebook is that “all my friends are on Facebook” or “all my photos are on Facebook”.

Now, lets talk about Google+.

Google is giving away its Google Apps platform to educational institutes and schools for Free. It is a great collaborative platform which comes bundled with Google+. Google is also giving away Android tablets, which again needs the kids to create a Google Account which comes with a Google Profile system now known as Google+. These kids will use Google+ ever since they’re in school. They will add all their school friends in there and have a lot of activity going on. Most likely, they would have almost all their life updates in their Google+ by the time they are out of school. Why would these kids want to have two social platforms? Google+ is compulsory, Facebook is not. Also, I don’t think these kids would be very interested in seeing the pictures their Aunt posted 9 years ago.

Facebook won’t die, but neither did Myspace or Hi5 or Bebo. It will just not be as relevant as it is today.


By dictionary definition, a loser is a person who did not win, who simply lost.

Boxing coaches usually say, “You don’t lose when you fall down, you lose when you don’t get back up”.

As a kid everyone wants to be a superhero, but they get over it as they grow up. They find it easier to give up on their goals cause thats what happen with everyone. Some may play victim for a lifetime, but will never try to change their situation. Some will make peace with it and declare being satisfied with where they are. Some will go as far as to delude themselves from day to day that they are happy and couldn’t ask for more.

Most things that people want aren’t impossible to achieve, yet they never make it. Not cause they can’t, but cause they don’t try enough. They simply gave up.

Gave up on love, gave up on career, gave up on passions, gave up on their beliefs, for something easier and more convenient. For something they got when they failed. They accept “compromise” as ever existing harsh truth of life. They blame the lost time, their parents, their friends, their boss for the things they couldn’t get.

You look into their eyes you see what a fraction of a person they’re of what they used to be. All the amazing plans they once made are now just some foolish things they thought in childhood. You talk to them you hear how faithless they’re in themselves that they keep looking for it everywhere else.

They’re loser with their own will, they don’t have to. They can quit being that any second they want, but they don’t. And, they don’t like being called a loser. In their own words, “you don’t know my story”.

Could Arts Encourage Violence?

Government and parents keep blaming it on artists, and artists keep calling it bogus. Without putting much thought into it, I always believed that video games turning kids violent is nonsense.

Just to clarify, art is a very broad term. It includes literature, music, video games design, story, performing arts and so on. And when I’m asking if arts could encourage violence or any other negative emotion for that sake, I am not talking about any one of the arts, but most, if not all of the art forms.

I recently, saw an old interview of Marilyn Mansion by Henry Rollins. Some school kids shot and killed some children and people around the school and the blame was put on Marilyn Mansion for the kind of music he makes. He was pretty bummed about it and said “People should understand the difference between art and real life”. I agree, as poetry can’t always be taken literally.

Another thing he said was, that people tend to forget how much music and arts contribute to society. How artists reach and connect with more people than politicians ever can. How art has been a driving source throughout history. And I agree with this too. Arts have strong cultural impact, cult like followings. The effect of art on human nature is more subtle and organic than political effect and this is evident looking at the history.

My conflict of thought is, if artists are ready to take the ownership of the goods they bring to society, then why do they try to escape the responsibility of the evil. I feel any sort of art is pretty effective, and a popular artist have some social responsibility. It shouldn’t be that they are always ready to take credit for the good but reject any mishappening calling it as misinterpreted personal expression of the artist.

I liked how in one Black Flag interview Henry Rollins said that he doesn’t care if people like his music or not. He plays for himself. If someone likes it then good, if they don’t, they can go elsewhere. He escaped the responsibility of anything bad, thereby not taking any credit for any good. Marilyn Mansion on the other hand, sounds conflicting when he suggests strong emotional connections of music to fans but denies any negative impact of it.


Read this somewhere.

There were two kids. One kid, who lived in a tribal village, never saw any technology, didn’t even have a TV in his village. And, another one, who lived in a city with all the modern amenities.

Both were asked to draw some sort of a mechanical vehicle which can carry four people. The city guy drew something very similar to a car, probably because he had seen them around so much in the city.

The village guy drew something like noone had ever seen before.


You enter a room, full of children. Doing dumb, weird, unthinkable things. Doing things that no grown-up in a right mind would do. Doing the obvious things wrong, over and over and over again. You’d explain to them, but they don’t know any better. This is how they are, and this is what’s good for them. It’s easier to get them to do something for a fairy tale than it is by explaining to them. They will believe the story cause that’s what they want to believe, cause that’s what the child standing next to them want to believe. And they know they’re always right, and they won’t listen to you if you say otherwise, they’ll only learn by mistakes, they need time, they are children. It’s not good to frown upon their mistakes, or their arrogance. It is unwise, and not good for either them or you. For they don’t know any better, but you do. They’re children after all, entertain them, play with them, don’t correct them, let them be. The world wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for them and their incomprehensible yet simple minds.